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Welcome to the Rock & Roll Plus Dance Club.

Our club is about the dance and music genres of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. It will feature music from the Rock and Roll era, Motown, Doo-Wop and even some country and blues. The dancing will include but not limited to, swing, Lindy, east and west coast swing, freestyle, line dances, two steps and possibly some disco, cha-cha…  And for those of you from the east coast beach areas, do your thing to the Shag. Disco? Maybe not, but possibly a sighting of a Tony Manero (John Travolta) wannabe or Annette, (Donna Pescow), his dance partner in Saturday night Fever.  

We cannot recreate every facet of the time but we will have the music and all you need is the heart, a little rhythm and desire to participate and enjoy. Maybe some of you will just want to sit back and enjoy watching the dancers and listening to the music and recalling many memories.

There will be no formal moves anyone has to perform. The music will make you want to dance and sing to many of the favorites from our eras and you may learn a few new steps from others in our group. Remember the senior prom, the sock hops, teenage hot spots and malt shops where we met with our friends and drank our favorite drinks, non-alcoholic of course, and danced and listened to “cool” music on juke boxes? And there was American Bandstand on Saturday mornings whether it was in Philadelphia or after it moved to LA. “ It had a good beat”, “was fun to dance to”, all comments by the dancers about new records coming out by the artists of the time.

So, who started all this in 2019? Just four individuals who love to dance that had an idea for a new club to cover one of the highlights of our younger years and relive a lot of pleasant memories and many good times. This is a club that will be a club of the members and their ideas, not only the officers. We are fully sanctioned by the Lifestyles Committee and our charter and bylaws are available on request.